To have awareness is to have an understanding that you have the ability to be conscious of photo-1429277005502-eed8e872fe52who you are and how you think, which can help facilitate positive change. When you facilitate change you are being conscious and responsible for your own behavior.

Awareness is having an understanding of your values, beliefs, strengths and knowing your boundaries and limitations.


We could go so far as to say that awareness means self-empowerment. It is pozitiv082being aware of your emotions and your thoughts. Awareness is developed by being in touch with your thoughts, emotions and behaviors which will enable you to gain a better understanding of not only yourself but it will also help you to gain a better appreciation and understanding of other people.

As individuals, we’re all different. We all react differently to different situations and by observing your own responses, you can establish a connection within your consciousness to be aware of your actions, thoughts and motivations.

It is healthy to ask yourself questions which will help you cultivate your own awareness. It is a healthy and positive practice to gain insight into your own feelings. It can be helpful to ask yourself these questions just as an example – Could I have behaved differently in that situation? What is it that actually motivates me? How do my thoughts impact on my decision making? Am I being mindful of others? How often do I reflect on my own behaviors? Am I being authentic to myself? Do I understand what my weaknesses are? Do my values, represent the concerns I believe in, even if it puts me in the minority? These are only some of the questions that could give you more knowledge as to what’s happening within and around

Acquiring self knowledge is great for promoting change in your life and in developing yourself. A good system to help you to work on your own self knowledge and awareness is to diarise your thoughts and your feelings.

The way in which you react and respond to certain situations, is important to take note of because it can help you to delve into how you actually perform and go about operating your life. The points listed below are questions you can ask about yourself to help you to find out who you really are and what works for you:

  • what is your own mode of learning?
  • what are your strengths, skills and talents?
  • what is your character?
  • what are your person values?

What you believe your values to be is really your own set of ethics and standards. This is actually very important. Authenticity is greatly defined as living by your own value system. Knowing your own values can determine your successes and can help you to make evaluations and changes along the way in your life time.Sitting in grass

Knowing your own value system will determine what is meaningful to you. When you are comfortable with who you are, your ability to develop humility for others will also evolve.

It comes with the understanding that you can have your own belief systems and rather than asserting your beliefs onto another person, you’ll understand by acknowledging and respecting them for their own beliefs, that it is ok for them to also have their own theories and values. When you have a clear perception of your own personality you’ll be able to determine the situations where you will succeed. You’ll be able to assess the times of knowing when to avoid the problem which will allow you to learn the skills to suit you.

Awareness is knowing who you are. Your inner elegance will definitely shine when you develop your individuality and identify with insight, the environment that is around you.



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