Wanted – how to embrace your “makeup”

When we discuss topics on inner beauty, what are the qualities that draw you to certain people? What are those qualities that you look for in a person?beach

It isn’t always easy to define what it is that draws us to certain people. Outgoing traits are often what draw us to people because it is a confidence to be able to show and express oneself, not only in a verbal way but also by body language.

Being self-aware is about understanding who you are and being aware of others around you. Through life experiences and quite often confronting times in trying to find your own identity,  it can be an amazing time to truly understand and discover yourself and your own individuality. Through a lot of soul searching,  in learning how to embrace your beauty, your individuality, your caring nature, your compassion, your intuition and your own creativity, it is important to be yourself.

Developing, understanding and challenging your thinking can help you to accept and believe in your own abilities, talents and view yourself in a more positive way.

Developing your strengths, knowing your loves and interests, beliefs and ideals is important in disocvering who you really are. Defining your goals is a good way to building on your confidence and strengths.Lady

Outer beauty alone, doesn’t define who you are. Although appearances certainly play a huge part in developing yourself as a whole, and count with first impressions – your unique gifts and motivating yourself to follow your life’s path will help you to grow an find your true potential. It is here that you can think what is it that actually draws you to someone? Do you take the time to look beyond the surface and understand that person’s true inner beauty?  We are all different and this should be embraced. We need different people to inspire and challenge. We also need understanding and respect, that we’re not all the same. With that in mind, when your true inner beauty shines it can leave the world captivated if you allow it to.


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