Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness

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Have you been feeling stressed, tired and unmotivated?  Being in the present moment can help relieve daily stresses. To practice mindfulness, is to focus on the present moment.


When we focus on the present we become aware of our thoughts and our breathing. Practicing mindfulness helps you to relax and relieves any daily stresses. Listening to music can help you feel focused and relaxed. In most instances listening to music can be a relaxing technique which can be very effective and calming.

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To practice being in the moment doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be sitting still.


To practice being in the moment, the aim is to direct your mind and suspend your everyday thoughts in order to evoke a relaxation response. This can be practiced anywhere. Deep breathing can be practiced while sitting at your desk at work, while on your public transport on the way to work, listening to music while you do the housework and walking, just as examples.


Did you know when you eat slowly and savor every mouthful you’re being mindful. When you take the time to savor your food you will get the most out of your meal. You may practice mindful eating you may find you’ll digest your food better. When you practice this you are being mindful.




When you’re focusing on the present, this is exactly what it means – being in the present.  You’re not focused or worrying about what is ahead of you or in the future, you’re focusing on the now. Enjoy being in the present moment.



Mindfulness can alleviate stress by reducing the weight of daily impacts by learning simple breathing techniques that can be practiced almost anywhere. Learning to focus and relax can help the body recover from stress, can be a motivation, create more happiness and release the tension in your muscles. You tend to worry less about what is ahead of you and focus on tending to the present time.


Deep Breathing Technique


How it’s done:

Simply get comfortable in any position and put your hands on your chest and stomach.

To maximize oxygen intake, it’s important to learn to breathe from your abdomen (“belly breathing”) rather than your chest. Focus on your breath until you feel your stomach rise and fall more dramatically than your chest with each inhalation and exhalation.


Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth. The time it takes to exhale should be about twice what it is to inhale. (Many suggest a 4:7:8 pattern – 4 to inhale, 7 to hold, and 8 to exhale.) Let go of other thoughts while you breathe.


Do 4-8 breathe cycles 1-3 times every day.



This is one breathing technique that can be incorporated into your day without consuming a lot of your time but can be very beneficial for your mind and body.


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If you’re a career woman, a working mum, a stay at home mum or your day involves a lot of activity, taking the time to try some breathing techniques can assist you in letting go of stress and focusing on that present moment, which can only help you to develop your inner health.

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